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tried to put her daughter away before running away. >> people looking up reviews for san francisco restaurants can soon turn to yelp for how safe and sanitary the food is. we are live in the castro district with details on a just-announced partnership. >> the mayor lee made the partnership with yelp official. we are asking the crowd, how much information do you want to know about your favorite restaurant? more than 3,500 restaurants in san francisco but finding one you like can take searching. >> i go to the same restaurants over and over. many turn to yelp to hear about food and service but it does not tell the whole story. >> it is helpful to know about a person's experience but not getting information about the cleanliness. >> but you will soon know about your favorite restaurant or a new one, yelp is partnering with san francisco's health department to provide users health inspection ratings along with customer comments, all in the name of transparency a and food safety. >> the manager of this cafe says customers have a right to know. >> this makes the restaurants clean up thei
receives $200. the boy back is open to residents of marin, sonoma and san francisco. folks must show documentation of where they live to get 9 buy back cash which continues until 8:00 this evening. after weeks of speculation facebook has a new feature in an invitation-only event at the headquarters. abc7 news reporter is live in the newsroom with details. katie? >> business and technology reporter is inside facebook right now tweeting the big announcement. zuckerberg has unveiled a new search feature. this is a picture of the announcement taken by our reporter who is inside. television news cameras were not allowed inside. this is video released by facebook. the feature is called a graph search which is describes like this, combining phrases like "my friends in san francisco who like mexican food" and you find that set of people, places, photos or other con content that has been shared and you can mine the billion users, 240 billion go toes and 1 trillion connections. it allows users to connect with their friends easier and it would probably keep people on facebook longer. we will lo
. leslie brinkley is live at the foot of market street in san francisco with the game plan. leslie? >> reporter: well, that is exactly right, dan. all across the city of course it is go niners. a lot of people are adding a bit of caution to that. san francisco's police chief, fire chief and the mayor all gathered at the abc7 broadcast center to record a public plea aimed at 49er fans. >> let's respect the city of san francisco. that means there will be no place for bad behavior when we win this thing. >> because when the giants won the world series last october, pandemonium broke out. this bus was torched at third and market. 70 trashcans were set on fire and cars were smashed. in the mission, revelers set bonfires in the street and jumping through flames 1k3* hurling glass bottles. this time for the super bowl the city is better prepared. there will -- >> there will be twice as many officers working as during the world series. >> they need to make sure they have all of the information they need to be as safe as possible, but really we are going to reroute service for any problems
city by the bay. so you think it was cold today? san francisco? >> i have warmer pockets these are heat warmer for my pockets. >> only 50. >> i know but i'm freezing. i have got 5 laers at least. >>reporter: 5 layers with not a drop of snow on the ground. just a whips of steam escaping from the downtown manhole. weÑç are trying hardship with packer fans arriving en masse for play off game tomorrow. aren't you worried about the cold. >> worried about the cold? we are playing the frozen tundra. >>reporter: do you still think it's cold. consider alternative. you could have been a crab today. >> certainly not cold for the crabs. no. not at all. >>reporter: look at us. kept our hands fingers in our pocket assuming we had pockets. we hugged ourselves on street corners. only in the most december president circumstances did we linger in the elements. >> the lure is the company. >>reporter: why would you make this man eat outside. >> there wasn't enough seating inside. >>reporter: yet on day so cold so frenl id so full of hardship it took just 2 minutes for to us
in large numbers into the streets of san francisco ready for the fireworks display but it looks fairly clear. let's go now to expense we are our accu-weather forecast. not a bad night at all. >> not bad. getting clearer as we talk. here's live doppler 7 hd. moisture rushed the planes coast line earlier that dropped south ward now moving away from the bay area. skies getting clearer which means good visibility good viewing for the fireworks display later tonight. these are 8:00 p.m. temperature readings. don't have the 9:00 p.m. readings in just yet but already temperatures dropping into the 30's up at napa fairfield down to 40 degrees already at santa rosa. 40 at livermore colder in these locations now so it's going to be a cold night and even colder overnight period let's look at conditions we expect at midnight when we have the fireworks display hear off the embarcadero san francisco mainly clear. it will be chilly. temperatures in the low 40's here in san francisco even lower outside the city but great viewing conditions for the fireworks that will ring out 2012 and ring
protesters to san francisco today. abc7's tomas ramon shows us the dueling rally. >> reporter: the ninth annual walk for life was a hiewmg success, according to organizers, measure 40,000 people filled the plaza on the 40th anniversary of row versus wade. jennifer o'neill spoke about her regrets of having an abortion. >> we cannot be luke warm in such a time as this, more than ever, we need to stand up and be heard. >> reporter: she says she is a member of silent no more. pope benedict subject his ambassador to personally send his message, regarding row versus wade. >> nobody has right to kill another human being. in any moment of his life. >> reporter: at 1:30, the group marched from civic center, down market street. the crowd was so large, it took the better part of an hour to clear the plaza. earlier in the day, a pro-choice rally commemorating was in herman justice plaz amount of it's our body, we should be able to make that decision. >> reporter: more than 300 people listened to speakers and music. sandra fluke, called a slut by rush limbaugh when she addressed congress about contra
news in san francisco, police have shut down a street because of a suspicious package. this is a live picture from sky seven over the scene at mission rock and 4th by the mission bay campus a couple of blocks from the giants ballpark. kristen sze is on assignment. now to abc7 news reporter near the closure at third and channel street. >> we are right here on third and channel streets here in mission bay. not letting -- the police are not let people enter so that is a two-block area which is completely closed off because of the suspicious packagefo und on china basin street and 3rd and 4th. we got an update for you, it was reported at 8:46 this morning and found like outside a building. it is hard to tell. a san francisco police close off access to self streets. bomb sniffing dogs were also brought in and now they saying that suspicious device or package could be a military ordinance, some kind of military explosive or device. while no cars are allowed in this area, pedestrians are still getting through and you can hear construction continues in this area so there has been little disru
roommate. they say banta was armed with at officers. in san francisco, three people are in the hospital after they were seriously hurt in a morning traffic accident south of market. it happened near ninth and brannon streets. a tow truck collided with a pickup. the impact slammed the tow truck right into the side of a building in front of the northern parted. we spoke to a woman who saw it happen. >> the driver of the towing truck was hurt very badly. he was thrown out of his cab onto the sidewalk. >> the pickup ended up into a park lot. they had to sues the saws of life to get them out. >> home prices in the city increased more than 12 1/2% in november compared to a year ago. that is according to the case schiller index one of the most widely watched price gauges. san francisco saw the second biggest increase in the nation behind only phoenix where places jumped 23%. san francisco niners faced media day in new orleans this morning. this is the chance for reporters to get a glimpse of the lighter side of the athletes leading up to the big game and a chance for the media to get up to que
, it came from curious from a team from san francisco. at his news conference, head coach jim harbaugh apologized for the organization when he told reporters that it didn't reflect the way players feel. >> there wasn't malice in his heart. he is not that kind of person. he is not a ugly person. he is not a discriminating person. >> it's not the players and coaches that culliver must convince, it's the fans. >> i want to offend anyone. that was an ugly comment. that is not what i feel in my heart. i hope i can learn and grow from this experience and situation. >> reporter: they had a meeting with the coach but neither would say what was said. the only true glimpse when get into his heart will come when the kickoff happens on sunday. >>> the gay community is paying close attention to his remarks. the executive director of san francisco lbgt center says it shines the spotlight on an ongoing problem. >> absolutely. i think there is a culture of homophobia, in all aspects of major sports. there is an opportunities to change that culture. >> rebecca says more teams need to make strong statem
. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. tonight san francisco police are investigating an allegation of sexual assault involving crabtree. police say the incident happened last sunday morning in a san francisco hotel. he has not been detained or arrested. crabtree is said to be cooperating with police. he joined the team on the trip to atlanta for sunday's nfc championship game, and that's where abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is live tonight. shu, what bad timing for this bombshell. >> well, dan, there is never good timing for a situation like this. the 49ers arrived 11:15 eastern standard time at the ritz carlton in downtown atlanta. crabtree was on the first bus. he was in the second row. he stood up and then sat back down as about 10 or 15 other players and 49er personnel got off the bus almost trying to distract us. they were trying to make it tough for us to shoot anybody getting off the bus. and then michael walked off the bus. you can see he was escorted by a personnel security man in the red baseball cap. he was there for two to three seconds and then he was gone. i h
with missing boy's mother about the man with the big black dog. >> also tonight. late ruling on san francisco no more nudity ordinance. >> who gnaw wearing hat was so funny. we are in new orleans funny. we are in new orleans as niners share >> brother and sisters all grown up. he's still 10 years old. >> mother of missing boy talks to the abc 7 news i team about her son disappearance 29 years ago. as police conduct a new search today near the place where he was last seen. this is exclusive video from the wlous investigators were literally digging for evidence today. good evening. it is a missing person case that drew national attention and has baffled family and investigators for decades. 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared in 1984 on his way home from school at saint agne agnes. last seen at bus stop at oak and masonic in the haight. that's just a block away from today search unfoldd with crime scene investigators and the fbi. 7 news reporter vick lee was there all afternoon and broke the story on 7 news at 4 and tonight he has details that you will see only on abc 7 news. >> i w
which includes guns coming from san francisco and contra costa county and marin county, you can find the information on our web site at abc 7 see it on tv we have a link to it and it will take about 30 days for them to raise the cash but next monday martin luther king jr. birthday they are going to have another buy-back program. they will be handing out vouchers instead of cash but they are hoping for another big turn out. reporting from police headquarters here in novato. abc 7 news. >> tomorrow president obama will propose new federal assault weapon ban and background check of all gun buyers. mean while today new york state voted in the nation toughest gun restrictions. governor cuomo signed the bill. out law military style weapon. restrict ammunition magazine to 7 rounds. and requires background check to buy bullet. another provision requires mental health professionals to tell state authorities if a patient threatens to use a gun illegally. >> develop nuts tonight. japan 2 largely east airline grounded the flight of boeing 787 dream liner. after the latest safety
the suspect for six months. in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, "abc 7 news." >>> san jose police are investigating the first homicide of 2013. a body was found in a drive home on the 1900 block of tripoli avenue. the person lived at the home with other people. some of them were taken to the police station for questioning. starting today, drivers in san francisco have to feed the meters on sundays and most drivers aren't taking it well. tomas ramon has the story. >> people are feeding parking meters all over san francisco today. this is the first day of meter enforced parking on sunday not something everybody welcomed. >>. >> i can understand where san francisco is coming from. they need to pay their bills. at the same time. >> sundays are regular business day which wasn't the case decades ago when the city closed down on sunday. but like weekdays, parking spaces need to rotate to let visitors a chance to park. some think it will affect attend plans. >> it runs flew 12:30. people are going to leave because of the $75 parking ticket is not worth it to them. >> it was done to accomm
. tonightly, he was not seriously injured. the san francisco man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire is now in county jail. the 22-year-old dexter oliver was arrested last night in an oakland hotel. the victim is 25-year-old starr lamare. she remains in critical condition. she has severe burns. police say she got in an argument in bayview district on sunday. investigators say oliver doused starr lamare with gasoline and set her on fire. oliver faces charges of arson and attemptedurder. >> the santa cruz sheriff is expanding the search for a missing 23-year-old man, who walked from the house in scotts valley on friday morning and never came back. a small search party combed the trails of the park where he hiked. his parents saye been despondent since a breakup with hers fiance. he is believed wearing the plaid short in this picture. >> a small number of commuters are causing freeway traffic jams for the rest of us according to a study by researchers at berkeley. targeting those drivers could dramatically improve traffic flow. amy hollyfield has more. >> this study used this, people's
was driving a 1998 ford contour with license plate no. 3 vzu 9 3 8. >> san francisco giants most popular players is poll jaysing tonight for incident in las vegas on new year's day. relief pitcher sergio romo had summons after removed from the las vegas international airport without proper i.d. at the checkpoint then argued with tsa agent and detained for short time. we first broke the story on line this afternoon and fit romo release add statement apologizing for the incident saying would i like to sincerely apologize about the recent event at the last vision airport that brought negative attention to the san francisco giants organization and the fans. i love and respect the giants my team mates and our fans and promise to conduct myself in the future in the san francisco giants way. >> new at 11 tonight. columbus park which in vallejo reopened several hours after some huge tree branches fell on to passing cars. happened at about 6:00 o'clock tonight when the branches estimated to weigh several tons broke off trees and fell into traffic. police say none of the drivers or passengers
this everything he has. >> thank you. in san francisco, five armed men who stole money and electronics in a home invasion are still on the loose. police say the men had a knife and handguns and stormed into a home on 40th avenue before 3:00 this morning. they took iphones and a laptop and an undisclosed amount of money. authorities have not said if the phone was targeted. there were no injuries. >> a fight between a man and his son in daly city resulted in both going to the hospital. police were called to the apartments to find the father was stabbed several times. his son suffered head trauma. no one saw what happened but the two victims. police are trying to figure out what set the men off. >> the hey proposal is accepting applications for the first time in three years this morning as they look for new officers in cyber space. you can apply online from now through saturday for chp, the first of many steps to become an officer. you can find a link on our website at and new officers earn $67,000 a year after they finish the academy. >> today is a new going for students who su
police would like anyone with information to call. >> an audit in san francisco shows an agency is taking time and a half to a new level. muni paid more over time than any other city department. you will not believe how much overtime a couple of employees logged. we are at the station. >> muni paid more overtime than the fire department and police department in san francisco last year. they went $18 million over their budget. get this, some employees took home more man $100,000 in overtime pay alone. an overhaul of the train control system was needed to make service more streamlined and reliable. the overnight work and double shifts by a few specialized employees let some get double overtime, doubling their salaries. >> it is requires you work a full day and then a full night. it is hard work. it is something that has to be done. >> one mechanic logged 1,954 hours of overtime at $83.85 an hour. with $163,000 in overtime the base salary of $106,000 jumped to $293,000. >> i want do change my job. >> any openings? >> these days it is tough to see that happen but especially when you are looki
] >> they may have been a few thousand miles away from san francisco but they felt part of the team that just made it all the way to the superbowl. the jam packed board room niners bar erupted, here come the bold predictions. >> niners ar starting a new regime starting in 2013 we're going to win about five superbowls in the next six years. >> and he was impressioned. >> it's unbelievable. never seen that before. we love soccer in europe but this kind of soccer football is much better. >> they were out the door cal hollow and there was an be enemy in the midst. >> had i to be honest. >> don't say that too loudly. >> you don't blast me. >> it didn't look good for the niners and some of these fans had more than team spirited on the line. >> 49ers by four or more points, $500 on the four pointed side. >> up at tahoe. >> it's an online bet. so it's on. >> last year the season was over for the niners but wait till next year became a reality. >> niners new stadium is expected to open for the 2014 season but they don't have a deal for naming rights. they said today the team doesn't have anything in t
for meet erred parking in san francisco. today parking control officers started issuing tickets. they had been giving out written and verbal warnings over the past throw sundays. 11,000 in total. people we talked to today weren't happy with the enforcement. >> wouldn't drive on saturdays but drove on sundays, and now i'm going to definitely think twice about that. >> it's unfortunate we have to pay on sundays, we have to paying for everything else. but i don't know. i guess it is what it is, the city want ms.~for everything. >> you come down in different places to spend money and then get another tax on that. unfortunately it's kind of what's going on. i can't say i'm happy about it. >> the ticket is $62 and $72 downtown. sunday enforcement is expected to generate $2 million a year. >>> starting tomorrow, the doing bridge will begin its change to electric trop wreck tolling. toll collectors will still be in the fast track and cash booth. but wednesday the etoll system is validated. cash will no longer be accepted. they hope to have the etoll system up and rung by february. ear toll is exp
advisory is right here where the light purple is just for san francisco. we're talking temperatures low to mid-30s where the freeze warnings are. expect temperatures to dip below freezing as far as down to the mid 20s by tomorrow morning. how much longer will the cold snap last? we'll take a look at forecast coming up. >>> breaking news out of oakland five people have been shot on walnut street. they were all returned to the hospital. a crew is heading to the scene. join us at 11:00 for an update. >> a family has been forced out of their home in san jose after a fire ripped through it. it sparked at a two-story house. firefighters believe it started on the roof near the chimney. family had a fire going in the fair place. none was hurt. >> a man is in custody suspected of assaulting a woman in her san francisco apartment. police arrested a 26-year-old soon after the assault last night. they say he followed the woman in, demanded money and sexually assaulted her. a neighbor call 911. the suspect tried to jump off the balcony but police found him hiding in the backyard. >> president obama
live in san jose, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. >>> san francisco police identified a 19-year-old gang member as the man they say killed two innocent people in a mission district crash yesterday. investigators say david morales was trying to get away after a drive by shooting when he smashed into another car at 21st and south van ness. the woman in the other car and a man on the sidewalk both died at the scene. >>> witnesses who saw a man kill a dog vow to help find the attacker. police released this surveillance video showing the robber running from the scene after killing the dog named red soxy. red soxy's owner threw the dog into traffic after robbing her friday in the tenderloin. people who saw it say they will be posting his picture in the area. police are asking thin with information to give them a call. >> any person who owns an animal, you can tell there is a tight bond and for not only the animal to be laid to rest, but to actually see the death of your own animal is very traumatic. >> and there is now a reward being offered for an arrest in this case. >>> two te
they were let down so many times before. in san francisco, john alston, abc news. >> thank you. >>> abc7 news reporter vic lee first broke this story this afternoon. it is also part of an investigation by the abc7 news eye team. we will bring you coverage of the collins investigation. you can also get updates on abc7 and twitter abc7 news bay area. >>> now to the super bowl and it is media day. randy moss made headlines with a less than modest statements about his place in football history. >>abc7 news sports director is live at the superdome with that story and the rest of our super bowl coverage from the big easy. larry? >> hi, carolyn. you don't usually get any breaking news during super bowl media day. we actually had 2 significant stories today. one vai vens -- one ravens line backer saying he didn't take performance enhanced substances and the other was as you mentioned randy moss who said he is not happy at all with his role on the 49ers. i guess the surprise with moss was that he waited all season before discussing this, but he has not been pleased with a limited opportu
case of a missing child in san francisco. we broke that story yesterday. kevin collins disappeared in february of 1984 and last seen at a bus stop in the haight-ashbury. amy joins us from the home that was searched by cadaver dogs. >> people say it has been painful to relive the memories of kev his disappearance. investigators stirred up old emotions yesterday morning when they arrived in the neighborhood and searched a home here at masonic and page in haight-ashbury looking for evidence in the disappearance of kevin collins. he was ten when he vanished. police found bones under the concrete floor but they believe they are animal bones. this is drawing out hope and disappointment again for the family including the mother and collins, and those in the neighbor. >> shaky. i was scared. shaking. i could not sleep think about it, what the situation was. i did get some sleep but i was worried about anne, that is who i am worried about. she is the one, really, that is having a problem right now. >> police were here at home all day yesterday and into the night. it was the cold case unit t
of the peninsula, 58 at pacifica and 61 down at half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 58 tomorrow. also 58 in the sunset district. north bay highs generally low 60s. 61 sonoma and calistoga. 62 santa rosa. near east bay 62. oakland 61 at union city and fremont. the inland east bay highs in the upper 50s and down near monterey bay mid to upper 60s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. just gets milder and milder. friday, saturday and sunday, we'll see highs ranging from 62 to 64 degrees. just a couple degrees cooler on monday and there will be further cooling and tuesday and wednesday and a few more clouds come into the picture but we do not expect any rainfall in the next 7 days. dry and quite mild for the weekend. >> a nice string of days. >> looks lovely. >> i may go suffering. >> i'll watch. >> the worst apps for taking your personal information without letting you know about them. stay with us. that story and more is ahead that story and more is ahead hereeíáf- well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, y
at san francisco international airport yesterda yesterday. he was as he was reentering the country from the philippines. police say he was driving a car that ran into a motorcyclist on scott boulevard in january of 2011 and kept going. motorcyclist died. this man had a million dollar bench warrant for his arrest. now he's back in custody. >>> in oakland it turns out a gang in the city is connected to the home invasion murder of wealthy south bay businessman. vick lee tonight on the common thread that bind suspected murderers together. >> 3 men and woman arrested in connection with a murder. 26-year-old lucas anderson. 21-year-old xavier garcia. and austin also 21. the 4 suspects raven dixon is charged with being an accessory to the murder. millionaire businessman rob murdered in the home invasion robbery november 30. he was found dead inside his mansion in the wealthy area of mont veno. police aren't saying how he was killed. austin is reportedly a member of an oakland street gang called the money team. group that is tied into drugs and home invasions. xavier garcia is said to
to late word about san francisco forty-niner receiver michael crabtree. he will not be charged for sexual assault at do you want hotel. san francisco district attorney office announced the case has been thoroughly investigated by police and there's not enough evidence to charge crabtree for the encounter with a woman at the w hotel after the niner beat the packers at candlestick park early this month. crabtree was never detained or arrested. investigators say he fully cooperated and as we have previously reported, sources say 2 other women who were there at the time told police the sex was consensual. >>> 49ers leave for superbowl this sunday. today team members talk to us before heading to new orleans. thomas tells us how the team is preparing for the big game. >>reporter: 49ers are having the next to last practice before heading to new orleans for the superbowl. coach jim harbaugh says he wants the players not just to win. but also bask in the experience. >> i want them to enjoy it. enjoy every minute and especially enjoy the competition. >>reporter: he says the team is fired up
around the bay area looking south to the bay and san francisco and haziness in the air with high pressure compressing the air and that is why there is a "spare the air" alert in effect. we will take you to another like shot from the east bay hills looking out, you can see the haze and the air is trapped. that will bring us poor air quality and probably stay with us for the next few days. we will take you to live doppler 7 hd showing us clear skies all around the bay area as it sweeps from mt. st. helena. milder temperatures than yesterday. mostly in the 40's, 48 in san francisco and 52 in half moon bay and 49 in antioch and livermore so we are a few degrees warmer compared to year at this time. that will be the trend through the weekend. milder temperatures today, and "spare the air" in effect, no would burning and a slow warming trend expects for the week end so poor air quality expected in the north bay and moderate air quality in the east bay and south bay. but the likely issue of another "spare the air" alert at 2:00, so it could be with us into the weekend and these are the prelimina
, oakland, sunnyvale, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the san francisco 49ers are headed to georgia this afternoon for the championship game of the nfc. one lucky area man is going on the first ever plane ride. the man from bayview district got a call yesterday say he won the road trip sweepstakes scoring two free tickets to the game if atlanta and the first time ever leaving california. he will bring his cousin to the game. their fare, tickets and traps are all on the 49ers' time. >> there is a beach hazard for northern california coast through the weekend including the upcoming mavericks surf contest. two dozen of the top big wave riders are gathering at half moon bay for the contest and spectators are not allowed on the shoreline because of dangerous sneaker waves. the last time it was held in 2010, several were injured when huge swells crashed along the spectator areas and knocked them down or washed them into the water. >> we remember that. >> now, the sneaker waves. why are they so dangerous this weekend? >> because they are out ahead of the other waves, the big steady waves t
of the accident. they found three addresses under his name, one in san francisco, one in wyoming and what appears to be his most current in maryland. you are seeing video provided to the i team by the san francisco bar pilots. the bar pilots work one week on and one week off, but they can trade shifts. the i team's dan noyes asked the shipping industry officials about the possibility of pilot fatigue. the possibility that the bar pilot came to san francisco from maryland right before the crash. >> is it a fair question to ask if he was on a red eye the night before that? >> absolutely. we don't know when he came on shift or came off shift or when he came on ship or got off the ship. >> the shipping industry last year filed suit to get information about the pilot's shifts and whether they may be fatigued. in september a judge ruled in favor of the shippers. the par pilots and the board are appealing. >>> moving on, abc7 news -- sorry, carolyn. they were the first to report the ship collision in maryland. you can follow us at abc7 news bay area and we have a slide show with pictures o
negative attention to the san francisco giants organization and fans. i love and respect the giants. it goes on. my team mates and fans. and promise to conduct myself in the future in the san francisco giants way end quote. that's going forward. but what happened on new year's day? vick lee explains. ♪ . >>reporter: it was happy crowded holiday venue at the haze night club in las vegas december 30th. sergio romo was celebrating with other celebrity. pictured here with him forty-niner wide receiver michael crabtree. this was two days before the reported altercation at mccarran international airport. new year's morning just before 9 the giants star pitcher went to the airport to board a southwest air lines flight back to san francisco. the tsa tells abc 7 news the incident happened at one of the security check points. the agency says a male passenger was unable to provide identification required of travelers. at the tsa document control station. that's when you show the i.d. before being screened. although the tsa spokesman would not identify romo by name we have confi
revealed. just a tragic scene at point raze today. >>> in san francisco today 2 innocent people killed by a driver trying to escape police. they say the man was speeding away from traffic stop following shooting in the mission district only to slam into another car and man walking across the street. that man now identified as guiteirez 26 from san francisco. more now from 7 news reporter lee ann. >> this video shows how close an employee inside a convenience store came to being hit by this white car. slammed into the building. the passenger of that car and pedestrians were not as fortunate. they both died. >> as the vehicle was thrown against the store there was also mid 20-year-old male pedestrians walking in the store. he was also pronounced dead at the scene. >>reporter: jose lopez told us his sister-in-law sylvia was in the passenger seat. he says she and the driver her nephew were coming back from a party early this morning. the driver is in critical condition. f the owner of the store located at 21st and south van ness in the mission district says this. >> the driver i t
is. >> tonight at 9:00. breaking news. right before the nfc championship game. san francisco forty-niner accused of sexual assault. >> also tonight. what happened inside the building as workers are taken hostage in algier. story people who made it out alive. >>> and where are the waves? tonight the conditions we found at one of the world best surfing spot with renowned mavericks competition [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >> live breaking news. >> that breaking news has to do with this man. forty-niner michael crabtree. tonight the wide receiver is reportedly under investigation. good evening. right before the nfc championship game sunday there a
fairfield in a relatively mild 50 degrees here in san francisco. and these are our forecast feature. rain arrives tomorrow and pretty wet day for most of the day in the evening hours. few showers trailing behind on sunday morning then partial clearing at least for much of the day on sunday and sunny milder on monday tuesday. low drop down to 34 at nap a.35 santa rosa. 32 in fairfield. chilly but not the kind of frigid cold weather we had the last few overnight and early mornings. satellite image shows high pressure weakening now giving way to advancing cold front springing up big mass of includes and moisture with it. and rain from this system that will arrive tomorrow. forecast animation 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at that point we see more clouds than we have now and a little bit of rain beginning to touch parts of the north bay. but by later in the day 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon or so 2:00 o'clock we see rain beginning to spread from north to south down past the golden gate on to the peninsula in parts of the south bay later in the afternoon 5:00 o'clock or so we see more wid
, abc 7 news. >>> a san francisco ride sharing company has struck a landmark deal with the state's public utilities commission. the company called lyft was fined and ordered to shut down for essentially operating a limb scene service out operation. two other companies were also cited. the deal removes the fines and allows lyft to continue operating while the cpuc draws up regulations for ride sharing services in the state. lyft said it would expand its is service to it los angeles first thing tomorrow morning. interesting. well, spencer christian off tonight. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. and delighted to be here because she has good news. just fantastic. felt like spring out there today. >> i will be well liked for a change, dan. >> you are always well liked. >> thank you. >> when it is not raining. >> true. great looking weather. a lot of people enjoying near 70-degree temperatures in some area. really unbelievable. dan, since you loved it so much and i'm now popular again i will bring it to you again tomorrow. a live picture across the bay. it is so clear outside. we do
area from san francisco down the paw finishes law -- the peninsula, san mateo, redwood city, wet around belmont and 42nd avenue and foster city across the san mateo bridge. as we check out the east bay, lighter rainfall toward hayward, union city, fremont. in san jose we are seeing some rain at this hour. getting you down to street level. hills dale avenue and highway 101. san jose .01 and san francisco .13. getting toward mount saint helena and we received .59 of an inch of rain. as you head out the door, make sure you have your umbrella and raincoats and make sure you give yourself extra time. a detailed look at tomorrow and the weekend coming up. carolyn? >> we will see you shortly. >> secret meetings are being held about the chandra murder case. she was an inturn murdered -- she was an intern murdered a decade ago. it seems the conviction could be in jeopardy. ama dates sat down and she has their reaction to this mysterious meeting. >> federal prosecutors told robert and susan levey about the secret hearings, but they wouldn't say what they were about. the levey's understanding is t
morning at a san francisco hotel a few hours after the victory over the green bay packers. his attorney says the star player is fully cooperating with police. >> crabtree is with the team in atlanta. they are getting ready for tomorrow's n.f.l. championship game against the falcons. sports anchor mike shumann who made the trek east. >>> go a niners! >> they have 60,000 people at the stick but fan base extends throughout the nation. >> washington, d.c. >> colombia, south carolina. >> there are millions of fans all over the nation. >> it's niner nation. >> you seem like you are ready to go right now. >> i'm ready right this minute. we're here and we're partying and taking over atlanta. we're on our way to the superbowl. we're ready to go. >> you are that confident the nine esers are going to win this game. >> i don't think atlanta is going to score. >> atlanta fans beg to differ. they stay falcons don't have a chance in this game. >> there is no way, it's impossible. i don't see that happening. >> i'm excited. second year in a row, last year was heartbreaker so we have a second cans aroun
? >> spencer, thank you. well, a tragic start to the new year in san francisco where two innocent people were killed by a driver trying to get away from police. we have dramatic new video of that driver's arrest. police say the man was speeding away from a traffic stop after reports of a shooting in the mission district and then slammed into another car and a pedestrian. it was at 21st and south van ness at 8:00 this morning. john alsten is live where an innocent victim is being treated. >> last we heard the driver of the car that was hit is still in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. police say he just happened to be in the path of a car that was speeding away from officers who had just made a traffic stop. police moved in just minutes after the fatal crash. around 8:00 a.m. a neighbor recorded video of officers approaching the black chevy immediately after it plowed into a white toyota slamming that car into the front of a corner store. a passenger in the toyota was killed along with a 26-year-old man who just happened to be on the sidewalk. a surveillance camera pointed at
and 42 in san francisco. other big story, spare the air, not only today but also tomorrow. you can see poor air quality in the north bay and in the south bay. that is going to last for about another day. so no burning of wood. >>> we have breaking news, sheriffs officials are searching in central california for missing helicopter. it was returning to an airport in kern county when it disappeared around 6:15 this morning. it was one of three helicopters doing frost control to protect crops. two others returned to their base. one of the pilots who came back was unable to contact the missing pilot by radio. >>> the financial mood of the country takes a dramatic turn this morning after the president and congress reached a last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. stocks are sharply up on this day of trading. the dow is up over 217 points. analysts warn the feeling could change quickly because the budget deal leaves many questions unresolved. >> reporter: neither party was really happy with the deal. many lawmakers are saying it was just a first step and it means in the next couple of ste
was slightly injured. >> surfer sought refuge on rock near the cliff news san francisco. strong rip current caused the surfer to last his bearings off ocean beach. isn't that remarkable picture. coast guard first thought of lifting him out by helicopter but then decide on a different strategy. they waited for the right conditions then told the surfer to jump into the water and swim against the crashing waves to rescuers waiting nearby on surf boards. >> scott pulled out too far. as far out with my friend. he was more advanced surfer so he made it back to shovrment luckily called whoever was needed to call and they came and saved me. >>reporter: surfer taken to the hyde street pier where checked out by paramedic and as you can see he is just fine. >> all right. as you probably know. you must know by now. 49ers headed to the superbowl and comb jich harbaugh back at a head quarters with the big win. came back thanking fans for their support an fans thanking him and the team, too. we have more fan appreciation. >> the moment the 49ers falcons game was over coronado family hatched a plan f
of flu season. the diocese of oakland and san francisco say priest have the option of not giving commune i don't know to stop the spread of the flu. >> at the beginning of mass he said it was okay if we decided abstain from taking the wine at mass. it wasn't a sin. wasn't anything to worry about. >>reporter: cdc say 47 states are experiencing wide spread flu activity. but california is one of the least active states. still the level of awareness is on the rise here. >> for my job and so i was hand sanitizing all day long. >>reporter: fremont people rushed to get flu shots at washington hospital where clinic held today and tomorrow to meet demand. >> in fact i was just at walgreen's other day and big lane for that because the news just lick you guys doing right now scared everybody into getting it. >>reporter: shortage of flu shot spotty around the bay are area. wall gleans milpitas is temporarily out of the flu vaccine while it waits for new order. >> impact hasn't been human here in oakland yet. >>reporter: oakland school officials say only monterra middle school show signs of w
they raid add huge stolen goods operation in san francisco and arrested suspected fence for second tim time. police recovered thousands of i phones and lap tops from the home in the district here of san francisco. vick lee tonight with story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: this is what police recovered december 27th. lieutenants of smart phones. listen tops. it was one of the biggest hall of stolen electronic they have seen. second huge bust police made in a period of 2 most. the in november they recovered more than 1,000 items worth up to half million dollars from another fencing ring. again mostly cell phone and lap top as well as other expensive items. 3 people were arrested. lieutenant ed santos says it's a lock aretive business in the upped ground marketplace. >> so much money to be made off lap tops and cell phones. the market for them is really good and i-pad for example can go from 3 to 500 dollars, the new i-phone 5 are being resold for 500 dollars. >>reporter: in both cases the m o the same. most of the goods stole friend cars parked in garage along fish
or their families. >>> al-jazeera a is buying san francisco based current tv. it was cofounded by former vice president al gore. al-jazeera a is based in qatar and already has an english language channel but it wants current tv's reach in american cities. al-jazeera a plans to base the channel in new york and create original content for the united states. >>> the virginia supreme court says comments on yelp are protected by free speech even it they are negative. merchants cannot automatically sensor a bad review. they must first prove that the statements are false. >>> the city of oakland will begin issuing identification cards to help residents without legal immigration status. the card can also double as a debit card. the cards will be available to oakland residents for a $15 fee. opponents of the program say it legit mizes illegal immigrants and undermines the federal law. the oakland mayor, however, doesn't see it that way. way. >> this nation is way overdue for immigration reform and these people that have been here for decades should have some pathway for being able to live here with di
road and highway 4. vast road really light returns rate now. rainfall total nothing in san francisco get down to the south bay, it came down hard at one point. san jose 35 hundredths of an inch. just over quarter in livermore. don't put those umbrella away yet. we have another system coming. i'll be back to let you know if it impacts your weekend plans. >> see you shortly. >> body of mother and her 5-year-old daughter have been recovered from an ice covered pond in am door county. that pond is on remote property in the community of pine grove. bodies of 46-year-old karen anderson and her daughter amelia were found today about 30 feet from shore in water that was barely above freezing. on monday deputy responded to reports of loose llama and couldn't find anyone at the owner home. speculation that mom and daughter might have been trying to save that anima animal. neighbors group concerned when the family wasn't seen tuesday. that's when deputy using dogs began to search that ended with today's discovery. >>> in san jose tonight man has been stabbed to daevtd. city third homi
while refinery make the switch to summer blend n.san francisco drivers paying 3.72 gallon of regular highest in the bay area. 3.62 in oakland. san jose drivers are paying a penny more at 3.63. but again seems to be going up. >>> just ahead. preparation for local superbowl parties. >> extra wing. extra sauce. extra everything. >> take the a look at some bay area businesses cashing in on all the 49er excitement. >> also word of warning. bay area woman attempt to get ticket to the superbowl wednesday her losing nearly 6000 dollars. and the crooks add insult to injury. >> common pain kill that's could be dangerous for childre children. new research and advice for parents. >> then later on jimmy kimmel. >> thanks. tonight we have music from mcgraw, smooth is here and sir jude law. >> i'm not a nooichlt well if you keep being so negative you are never going to be a knight are never going to be a knight either. >> jimmy kilometer el live starts right after us at 11:35. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome. but when i cook up some beef, ketchup, relish and cheese, cov
of san francisco has been a season ticket holder going back to the stadium here. she can't get tickets either. >> everybody i know that were season ticket holders have not gotten tickets. >> between florence and jeff the 2 say they know 18 different groups of season ticket holders. none won the lottery for superbowl tickets held for season ticket holders by the 49ers. >> into the end zone for the touch down. >>reporter: in fact an unscientific poll of 13 other season ticket holder groups this one conducted by 7 on your side found none won the lottery either. >> i got my ticket. >>reporter: those that did win had the opportunity to pick up their tickets on friday. we asked the 49ers how many tickets were made available to fans. citing team policy. 49ers. declined to disclose that information. we asked what the odds were of winning. the team said everyone had an equal chance of winning but the team declined to disclose the odds. >> they should, you know, show us exactly how many tickets are available and maybe how the process works. >>reporter: according to the nfl just over 25%
temperatures for us. 36 in santa rosa. novato. 46 in san francisco and 40 in concord. 39 in livermore as well as antioch and 43 in mountain view. here is a look at our forecast. freeze warnings in place for tonight. cold spell will continue through sunday and after that things will start to warm up. we will have dry conditions next week. freeze warnings, dark shaded purple. interior valley area, freeze warning in place until 8:00. temperatures there mid to low 30s. then we do have in the lighter shade of purple, a frost advisory near the bayshore line. this is in place until 8:00 a.m. sunday as well with lows anywhere from the low to mid-30s. so the entire bay area is being affected by this cold snap. overnight temperatures, we may need to adjust these, right now 27 for santa rosa and napa. 26 overnight and check out fairfield into the east bay and mid to upper 20s with livermore 26. then as we get close to the peninsula and the coastguard we'll go with temperatures in the 30s. 38 is for san francisco and 33 in oakland and one shy of freezing at 31. this is with some of those clouds migrating
and their customers. we are live if san francisco with the story tonight. >>reporter: another night of freezing temperatures and all of news the bay area are feeling it. you know the next time we step into a supermarket we may feel the chill too because the price in quality of citrus may a little frost bitten. stocking up on oranges here. a lot of them. nearly 12 pounds worth. >> a elevate ovrjts fresh orange juice. >>reporter: 5 day of freezing temperatures across california could put the squeeze on jane favorite citrus and leave crops danged. >> i hope it don't change the quality of the produce. like here the produce is extremely, very, very good. i hate to see it change. >>reporter: manager fears the cold could mean higher citrus praises. >> it's like the stock market. changes every day so we are at the mercy of the wholesalers and go down every morning and get it. >>reporter: central valley has been a battle to keep orchard from freezing. citrus freeze can only last a few hours below 28 degrees. but for other crops lake lettuce, the damage has already been done. frost damage is
in the cold. >>> san francisco unified school district will receive a boost to its budget thanks to the rainy day fund. the mayor has released $1.5 million to help with this year's school budget. it is to access the $30 million account they need to match certain criteria such as facing significant teacher layoffs. they have taken $8 million from that account this school year. >>> coming up next, the battle in washington over gun control. what president obama is expected to propose tomorrow. >> i think we have done in uh while. >> facebook has another trick up their sleeve. >> and riding giant. mavericks is on the calendar, but will the waves cooperate? >> and then later on jimmy kimmle live -- >> it is big boy bryce harper and rob lowe is here too. >> this is amazing. >> it is like you are right here in front of me, jimmy. >> i am right here in front of you. you. >> jimmy look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that
to san francisco, it is crowded and a lot of people, it is it a hassle. >> another passenger chose the flight because it was the best price. boeing is talking about the advances on board and the faa is talking about the investigation, passengers seem interested in getting a deal and convenience. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> looking closer now, despite the fanfare, the dreamliner is the subject of a federal review announced a few hours ago after several high profile mishaps . the faa will review the design of the wide body jet and manufacturing down in the boeing dream drome plant in washington and south carolina. it was launched after a battery caught on fire in boston logan airport earlier this week . despite this, federal officials say the dreamliner is safe to fly. >> we believe, i believe this plane is safe and i would have absolutely no reservation of boarding one of these planes and taking a flight. these planes are safe. >> the dreamliner is boeing's first airplane made entirely out of composit materials. boeing experienced major hicups with the dreamliner campaign inclu
of it on oil tankers for ex-son, before becoming a san francisco bar pilot in 2005 in 2010, his license was put on hold by the board of pilot commissioners because federal regulators denied his request for medical waiver. we don't know the details of his medical condition at the time but the issue was apparently resolved because he was guiding the tanker this morning. >> what's going on with him now? has he been drug and alcohol tested? >> he has. >> when does he meet with your investigators? >> that's to be determined. y. reporter: in 2005, when the cosco busan hit the bridge, spilling more than 53,000 gallons of fuel oil, me medical condition of the bar pie loot appeared to play a role. he had a medical condition and one probable cause of the accident was his use of impairing prescription medication. now bar pilot guy cleese is facing questiones. he is scheduled to meet with the coast guard in the morning and then will see investigators from the board of pilot commissioners. >> what sorts of issues will you look at? >> if there's any pilot error or not. >> whether fog played factor, that sort
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